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Richmond Medical Supplies

Serving a series of hospitals, medical professionals, governmental agencies, and general consumers, Richmond Dental & Medical is here to serve you. Offering a vast array of medical products to assist you in maintaining surroundings that are safe and sterile for patients and staff alike, shopping with Richmond is a fact that many have come to take pride in.

In existence since 1895, Richmond has become a go-to medical supplier for clients of all kinds. Supplying companies with an array of products, we pride ourselves in being a prime source for durable, high quality, and affordable medical equipment. Founded by Dr. Albert Richmond, with the goal of providing professionals with an impressive variety of high quality, affordable medical supplies, Richmond's commitment to excellence is fueled by a unique understanding of the medical industry at large.

Quality Medical Supplies: Tried, Tested and Trusted

Richmond's superior selection of medical supplies is tried, tested, and highly trusted. Offering a wide variety of disposables as well as products to aid in infection control, Richmond Dental & Medical carries a number of products such as cotton balls, face masks, nonwoven sponges, SteriPockets® and much more. A forward-thinking manufacturer, we are dedicated to uncovering the best, cutting-edge resources in order to continue to expand our inventory and provide our clients with a top-notch selection of medical supplies.

For the past 120 years, the company has consistently maintained forward movement in terms of products, business models, and customer service. With an unwavering commitment to continue to enhance and upgrade the services and supplies we provide, our promise is to remain a trusted source of the information, innovation, and instruments necessary to not only sustain thriving businesses but to help take them to the next level. Nevertheless, our main mantra will remain the same: At Richmond Dental & Medical, the customer comes first.

Infection Control

For the dental profession, infection control takes on the highest priority. That's why our purified cotton products and industry-leading dispensers are trusted by dental professionals.

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Medical Disposables

While Richmond Dental & Medical's single-use medical supplies are considered staples, these workhorse products are still meticulously purified, then designed to deliver consistent performance.

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